10 Amazing Joshua Tree Vacation Rentals with Pools

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As summer fades into autumn, Joshua Tree swings back into high season – boasting hot-but-comfortable conditions during the day, perfect sunset temps, and chilly, starry nights. Whatever your seasonal preference, we’re here to help take your desert getaway to the next level with this list of Joshua Tree getaways with pools.

Historic Casa Cody in Palm Springs, CA

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As one of the most historic properties in Palm Springs, boutique hotel Casa Cody gives a glimpse into the past while offering modern amenities, unique rooms, and a quiet relaxing setting tucked under the San Jacinto Mountains. We love this hotel for a peaceful and/or romantic stay where you can really unwind and soak up the desert sun at your own pace.

Casa Cabina in Lake Arrowhead, CA

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This Lake Arrowhead cabin, the Casa Cabina, is a charming Bavarian style home sleeping up to seven guests. The cozy space was created by the minds behind Piva Casa, with tons of amenities for those traveling with their littles.

A Guide to Joshua Tree, CA

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If you’re looking for some desert seclusion with a mix of accessible amenities, make the 130 mile journey east to Joshua Tree National Park. The majority of services for those visiting the park are found in the nearby communities of Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, or Twentynine Palms.

A Guide to Lake Arrowhead, CA

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When we think of alpine luxury, Lake Arrowhead immediately comes to mind. Drive a couple hours east of Los Angeles and find yourself up in the San Bernardino Mountains, where trails and forest surround the picturesque lake complete with a charming village town.

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